What is the Hyer Standard?

Hyer is committed to providing a high level of satisfaction with your Platform experience. This includes clarity and expectation-setting for Users to facilitate accurate Task execution. 



The Hyer Standard is a promise that the Task you order and pay for will be performed as described in the description of the Task when you ordered it. If you have ordered and paid for a Task, but you believe the Task was not performed in accordance with the The Hyer Standard (specific instances might include Tasker delays or no-shows) you must report the issue within twenty-four (24) hours of the Task appointment to our Customer Service Center and respond to all follow up questions requested of you from the Customer Service Center, and you may be eligible for compensation through the The Hyer Standard.

If we determine that the execution of a Task does not meet The Hyer Standard, we will, in our sole discretion, either refund the payment you actually made for such Task, or provide credit equal to the amount charged for the Task, for the next Task on The Hyer Platform. The amount of compensation through the The Hyer Standard is limited to any payment you made for the Task. The Hyer Standard does not apply to any payments made for Services not scheduled and paid for through the Hyer Platform.

How do I reach Customer Service?



As a Tasker, you are an Independent Contractor. Working for yourself comes with self-responsibility. Adherence to the Hyer Standard is essential to maintaining your account in good standing. In order to uphold the Hyer Standard for the community, we keep a record of all tasks and policy breaches.


1. 30-Day Deactivation Criteria:

The following will result in deactivation of your account for 30 days:

  • Late Cancellations (Less than 12 hours from task start time) – More than 17% of Total Tasks Scheduled
  • Minor Issues (Delays, Incomplete Tasks) – More than 20% of Total Tasks Executed
  • Major Issues – 1 No-Show, Intentional Walk-out, or Unprofessional Conduct
Threshold Number of Tasks Scheduled Number of Breaches Breaches as a % of Tasks Schedules Deactivate?
Late Cancellation 17% 5 1 20% YES
10 1 10% NO
20 4 20% YES
50 6 12% NO
100 17 17% YES
Minor Issue 17% 5 1 20% YES
10 1 10% NO
20 4 20% YES
50 6 12% NO
100 17 17% YES

2. Permanent Disablement / Termination Criteria: 

You can get permanently disabled on the Hyer platform if the following happens:

  • Second Deactivation: You are deactivated a second time (per the 30-day deactivation criteria above)
  • Unprofessional Conduct: Specific instances of unprofessional conduct, determination of which will be made on a case-by-case basis