Our Story

Making life better by making work better. 

Hyer officially started in 2018—but its core ideas had been brewing for decades.


Hyer’s founding members Dave, Mario, Jen and Pankaj, all met while working as executives at PepsiCo. As the years went by,
and friendships grew—they got into conversations together about work inefficiencies, life and the future of employment, often wondering:

For Dave Dempsey, Hyer’s Founder and CEO, the answer came when the opportunity he’d always wanted—to work alongside family and friends—was becoming a distinct possibility. So, Dave and his crew developed an app that would bring the team’s vision to life at last—and they called it Hyer.


Today, Hyer has expanded into thousands of locations across 27 states with more than 385,000 Taskers downloading the app—fulfilling over 4.2 million hours of work.


As Hyer continues to expand their footprint, they do so with three guiding principles in mind: empower people, create and connect opportunities and support the communities we serve.

“Being able to do good work brings a sense of dignity and pride.
It makes work—and life—deeper and more fulfilling.”

– Dave Dempsey, Founder & CEO

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