2 Tips from Hyer’s 2021 Tasker of the Year
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2 Tips from Hyer’s 2021 Tasker of the Year

Last year, we had tens of thousands of Taskers download the Hyer app. With flexible work now being a game changer for many of our Taskers—many have found it’s a great way to earn extra income around their schedule. Like Jason Johnson, our 2021 Tasker of the year, who has completed nearly 600 tasks on the app!


We recently talked to Jason—where he shared with us his journey as a Tasker as well as two tips that have helped him stand out and succeed.  


“I started as a Tasker back on October 1st of 2020 as a source of income because I had lost my main source of income because of COVID. I love being a Tasker because I get to set my own hours so I can spend time with my family. I have an 11-year-old son who plays hockey—and last Spring we learned we were expecting a baby, so I had to step it up and start picking up more tasks to make ends meet.


As a Tasker I like that I get to decide how much I want to make. And it allows me to pick up extra jobs last minute when I want to make some extra money. Using Hyer has also allowed me to continue to pursue my other career in sales and still make a living. More importantly, it allows me to spend time with my family and not have to work 80 hours a week to do so. 


Through my experience as a Tasker, I have found the below two tips to be the most important to my success.


1. Be Professional

 As a 1099 worker I treat this job like a small business. The stores I work with are my customers, not my employers. This is an important concept because as a small business owner it’s not about making a quick sale. I want repeat business, so I try to stand out from other Taskers by being professional, punctual and communicating with them as much as possible. They really like the communication because there are times when I’m doing a task after the manager leaves for the day, so they know the job is getting done.


2. Don’t Cut Corners

I only select tasks that pay by the job (fixed fee), not by the hour. This allows me to make more money, the more efficient I am. I tend to average 2-3 more per hour than other Taskers. I break down my work into minutes and sometimes seconds. When I’m doing 10-18 carts a day, saving 5-minutes a cart saves me an hour or two of my time. Being fast can sometimes mean cutting corners but whatever you do—don’t cut corners. Do the job correctly every time. The store managers pick up on this and tell me all the time how they like selecting me because I always do the job right. This means I get selected for jobs, which in turn means I have a steady source of income.


Congratulations to Jason, our 2021 Tasker of the Year!