December Tasker Spotlight: Miranda Mendard
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December Tasker Spotlight: Miranda Mendard

This month, Dana Marble from Serv-U-Success emailed us a nomination for our December Tasker of the Month. Here’s what Dana had to say… 


“I would like to nominate Hyer Tasker, Miranda Menard. She has basically been our only Tasker for the last year. Miranda is very dependable, has great communication, is very well mannered and always does a FANTASTIC  job!  We couldn’t be more happy to have her helping us. Please select her for Tasker of the Month, she totally deserves it!!”


At Hyer, we couldn’t agree more that Miranda deserves the recognition! When we reached out to let her know she had been selected, Miranda had great things to say! 


“I became a Hyer Tasker in 2020 as a side job from my everyday job as a chef. I have found that I really enjoy working with the public. In our small town, Meijer is the only store to task at, but I have enjoyed working with the Meijer staff and learning the store layout while putting products away. With this I am able to help customers find things they are looking for when Meijer staff are unavailable. Hyer has helped me earn extra cash and be able to take my family to Disney without the worry of expenses. If I had to give any advice to new taskers it would be to make sure you arrive on time and prepared for the job and NOT to forget your box cutter.”