February 2023 Tasker of the Month
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February 2023 Tasker of the Month

Congrats to Chris, our February Tasker of the Month!

We love hearing praises from our customers when it comes to the amazing work our Taskers do! Joe, a Serv-U-Success Store Manager, recently shared feedback about his experience with Chris, our February Tasker of the month.


“Outside of having the cheeriest demeanor and best attitude of anybody that I have ever worked with, Chris is also thorough and manages her time well. Everything is done with pinpoint accuracy. Nothing is overlooked; there are no shortcuts. Every move is made and there’s such attention to detail that everything turns out picture perfect at the end of the day. 


Chris is also one of the few Taskers outside of myself that has gotten compliments from the leads at Meijer. They love when she does resets in their areas because everything looks so perfect after she is done.”


Here’s what Chris had to say about her experience as a Hyer Tasker…

“I became a Tasker a little over a year ago. I am semi-retired but wanted to continue staying active in the workforce. My strength is merchandising resets and when I found out that through Hyer I could not only work on resets but have flexibility to choose my schedule, I was all in! The wage is commensurate with the tasks and allows me to spoil my Grandchildren and pay bills. My advice to fellow Taskers is to do your best no matter what others are doing.


Every minute you spend at the task is a minute of your life you are choosing to trade for. Make every minute count. You will earn the respect of the store team and your Hyer supervisor, but more importantly you will respect yourself.”