Living the Hyer Life: Jay Weary
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Living the Hyer Life: Jay Weary


My name is Jihad Weary (Jay for short)—I live in Milwaukee and am the owner of Weary’s Landscaping and Weary’s Cleaning Service. I started both companies last year and have been working to build both of them by adding new equipment and services.


Before starting my companies, I downloaded the Hyer app and started using it to earn money. In a few months I made a lot and was so happy with the app—I’ve been sharing it with everyone since.


Just a few days ago I was thinking about how to make extra now that my landscaping work is slowing down going into Fall, so I downloaded the app again and applied for a few tasks. I’m so excited to be using Hyer again to make extra—and I’m glad I have the opportunity to help Hyer by sharing how great the app is on social media. I can’t wait to see the outcome of the Hyer company!


Thanks Jay for stepping up and spreading the word about Hyer!