May Tasker of the Month
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May Tasker of the Month

Congrats to Alyona Shamley, our May Tasker of the Month!

I became a Tasker in March of 2021 because I wanted the flexibility to spend more time with my 4-year-old son. These years are precious and family is important to me! With Hyer, I am in control of my work life. The flexibility to work where, how and with whom I want is great—making decisions for the lifestyle I want.


Hyer has given me the wonderful opportunity to earn as much income as I desire. There is no limit. I make so many connections by working with multiple companies and I feel like I am making an impact during a time when they are experiencing staffing issues. I have so many customers thanking me on a daily basis, whether it be in person during the task and/or through electronic communication.


It’s a fantastic feeling to know I can put a smile on someone’s face and relieve their stress when I walk through the door. Which is ALWAYS the case. I feel important and valued. Traveling around has been nice as well. I enjoy picking up Talking Rain tasks as there are always new stores every weekend, so it’s like an adventure and you are never bored with the same stores.


I recommend Hyer to everyone who is looking to earn money and I brag a lot about the app because there is so much good to discuss. If I could offer advice to new Taskers, it would be to try as many new companies and tasks as you can. The more companies you excel at helping, the more choices you have—and the better your income will be.