October Tasker Spotlight: Brian Talik
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October Tasker Spotlight: Brian Talik

At Hyer, we love hearing from Taskers and customers alike how the app has made an impact on their lives and business. 


Recently, Kim Rogers, a Serv-U-Success Micro Fulfillment Center Manager reached out to us with an amazing review of one of our Taskers. Here’s what she had to say…


I wanted to take a moment to provide some feedback on Brian Talik. Brian has become a very valuable Tasker to our facility in Rochester Hill. He has gone above and beyond the requested duties of tasking. When faced with challenges, we have been able to count on him to keep things going until we can provide coverage. Brian should be praised for his outstanding performance.”


When we received Kim’s email, we reached out to Brian to thank him for not only providing amazing support to our customers—but for setting the bar high when it comes to building a best-in-class pool of Taskers. Brian’s response is an amazing example of what we strive for when it comes to the Tasker/customer relationship. 


“I started using Hyer after we found out my mom has cancer. I was working at UPS but needed the ability to make my own hours and be able to switch schedules with limited warning due to all the appointments she had. The managers are very understanding and other employees have been great to work with. I always strive to do a great job at whatever task accepted and they always pay accolades and give a good review even if you are new and slowly learning.”


Big thanks to both Kim and Brian for leading by example and showcasing a great Hyer experience.