February Tasker of the Month
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February Tasker of the Month

Hyer Tasker, Kyle Zieroff, has became a familiar face for many in the Saginaw, Michigan area.  As a full-time gig worker, he often shares insight and tips into gig work across social media. We had a chance to catch up with Kyle recently where he shared his journey to creating the work life he wanted. 


Living the Gig Life

“I first became a Tasker in August of 2020—about a month after I started doing gig work. Since then, I’ve completed 200+ tasks with Hyer. I enjoy being able to do gig work in the grocery stores in my area for a few reasons: I like stocking shelves and working through the carts and getting paid a great rate to do so, as well as having steady gig work that doesn’t involve driving all day.


My experience as a full-time gig worker has overall been pretty positive. I am signed up on six apps but frequently use three of them to hit my daily and weekly money goals. Hyer has made a difference in my life because if I am able to secure a task in the morning, I can jump on another app in the afternoon or evening to maximize my earnings for the day/week. 


If someone is looking to get into gig work full or part-time, you are totally capable of doing it and here are a few pieces of advice I have:


Sign up for as many apps that are available in your area and check them regularly for job opportunities. You’ll find each app has different peak times so having multiple options actually work in your favor.


Figure out the best times where work is available in your area and plan your weeks around that. No one is going to be there to tell you to work besides yourself! 


Figure out exactly how much money you need to pay your bills and live for the month and divide that by the number of days you’d like to work that month to give you your daily/weekly goal. Getting your  finances in order and living on a budget will also greatly help you stay organized as well. 


Download and use an expense app to track your miles, expenses, and income from all 1099 jobs. I’m not a tax professional, but you’ll have a better potential to help yourselves at tax time if you do this. 


So whether its stocking shelves, doing inventory or store resets; or even delivering packages food or groceries, there is something out there for you in the gig world if you are willing to learn. You got this. I believe in you!”