So Long 9 to 5: Ten Reasons Gig Economy Work is on the Rise
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So Long 9 to 5: Ten Reasons Gig Economy Work is on the Rise

A Look at Gig Economy Work in 2021

Twelve months ago, as COVID-19 began to spread across the globe and seep into our communities, there was no preparing for what would unfold in the months that followed. Each new week brought a new set of challenges for businesses and workers alike.


Organizations were forced to implement new workforce strategies in days—not months or years. Individuals had to re-think where and how they’d get a paycheck. From our view, we watched as both sides leveraged the gig economy to navigate like never before. It was the confirmation we needed to keep our mission moving forward: reinventing how work gets done.


Why Independent Workers Are Harnessing Side Hustles

As the pandemic continues to play out—we are reminded daily why people are opting to take part in the gig economy. What might have been a way to make ends meet early on—is now becoming a way of life for more than one-third of US workers (36%) participating in gig economy work—either through their primary or secondary jobs.


So—why are people saying so long to the 9 to 5 grind? While we have all the supporting statistics, we thought we’d let our Taskers do the talking.  


1. Flexibility, Flexibility, Flexibility 

“I like the flexibility involved with the Hyer app. It’s helped me and my family tremendously this year throughout COVID-19. Making extra money when we need it—it’s easy to work around my families schedule.”


One of the biggest benefits of the gig economy is the flexibility it offers, both in terms of working hours and the types of jobs that workers can take on. In fact, before the pandemic, around 70 percent of gig workers reported that they participated in gig economy work out of choice and because it provided more flexibility, and sometimes more income, than a full-time job.


2. Supplemental Income

“Really great app for occasional part-time delivery tasks for a full-time working mom like me. The staff is always very responsive answering questions, issues, or concerns. Also great for someone like me who enjoys smaller, startup sized businesses that are not too big for the good of the employee. I highly recommend Hyer and look forward to witnessing their continued growth and success!”


3.  Financial Freedom

“This app has been a lifesaver in troubling times. Through Hyer, I found work in my small town that allows me the freedom to work when I want with a reputable company for great pay! After losing my 9-5, worried how I would cover rent and bills and was concerned with the safety and health of my family—finding an overnight gig with limited contact with others and the ability to be paid basically on the spot! Godsend! The application/set-up process is simple and quick. I was working within the week.”


The pandemic forced many businesses and schools to close their physical doors—working parents had to become both remote employees and homeschool teachers during the day. According to Forbes, “Without the option of having someone watch their children, many parents – and especially working women – have had to leave their 9-5 jobs to care for their families and have taken on gig jobs. Gig economy work allows individuals to focus on their families during the day and pick-up work where and when it best fits into their schedule.


4.  Simple & Satisfying Side Hustle

“First time user of this app and I’m so satisfied at how simple it was to meet the requirements and get to work. I look forward to using this app on a daily or weekly basis.”


5.  Instant Payout

“Works great! As for the instant payout, I have literally requested a payout and it has gone through faster than I could log into my account. Impressive!”


Fiserv, in a recent study, found that 72 percent of consumers who prefer digital payments said it’s because they want their money faster. Getting paid quickly is often the expectation and a need for gig workers, who don’t enjoy the benefits of a consistent paycheck. The study highlighted that, “The 9-to-5 payroll model doesn’t match gig workers’ expectations or reality. People with flexibility in their schedules often want the same flexibility in how and when they access their funds.”


6.  Easy as 1-2-3

“I love it, it’s so easy to use. The jobs get posted, you apply and earn money the same day you work if you’re hired on. It’s easy and everything can get done on the app—from the applying for the job to getting paid. It’s great!”


7.  Independent Work

“Love this app so far. If you are looking to work independently or just for a little extra cash, this is a great app. I worked one of the tasks, followed all instructions and was paid the same day after my duties were done.”


Those who do independent work by choice like the above Tasker, report greater satisfaction with their work lives than those who do it out of necessity. A report by McKinsey stated that, “This finding holds across countries, ages, income brackets, and education levels. Free agents reported higher levels of satisfaction in multiple dimensions of their work lives than those holding traditional jobs by choice, indicating that many people value the non-monetary aspects of working on their own terms.”


8. Ultimate Convenience 

“Thank you for creating such a convenience for people like me and being able to get home to my kids for e-learning these days. It’s been quite helpful with the lack of employment.”


9. Scheduling (and supper) Made Easy

“Pays fast and managers are always a pleasure! Pay comes in no later than the following morning. I’m actually disabled and like the “choose your own schedule” and work pace option that Hyer provides. Plus, I do grocery stocking, so dinner is always good on workdays too.” 😊


In addition to earning on their terms, those who choose the gig economy work route do so because they value flexible work schedules. Forbes noted, “We’ll see the number of 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday jobs decline because in today’s connected world, it’s now easier than ever to work whenever it’s convenient to do so.”


10.  Opportunity to Earn Extra $$

“This app is easy to use and a great way to make extra money! I get job alerts everyday! Instant payout is amazing.”



Searching for flexible gig economy work with the above perks? Download the app today and discover how Hyer can work for the way you work and live.